Games Rules

Each arena classifies the competitor using their on process, these classifications have been reviewed and aligned to a central scale based on vELO.

The central vELO scale has 10 classes for each gender which align directly to the 10 FRR Heat Classes (FRHC).

A competitors Games classification will be the FRR FRHC description, this will define how they are included in result processing.

Refer to the table below the rules.

    • There are 5 events across the arenas best placed to host them.

Each event medals by arena, we will not combine results to crown an overall champion – there is ONE racing option for each arena, riders may choose to ride multiple time slots in such cases a riders ‘fastest’ time will count.

iTT – All arenas – Fastest time by gender and rider classification to determine the medals, no draft of course!

Marathon (IndieVELO) – ‘Live’ Points elimination race, most points won by gender and rider classification to determine the medals with the added factor of the last 2 riders through each segment being ‘live’ eliminated

Marathon (myWHOOSH) – ‘Live’ points race, most points won by gender and rider classification to determine the medals

Marathon (ZWIFT) –  Bonus Time Race – Fastest ’10’ competitors through each segment (By gender and classification) will earn time off their race finish time. Fastest will earn 10seconds down to 1second –  Lowest race time taking into account segment performance will take home the Gold – by gender and rider classification. All segments are in play.

Mountain Bike ZWIFT arena only – Gravel, steering and MTB – Fastest time by gender and rider classification to determine the medals

Road Race – All arenas – Scratch race with first over the finish line by gender and rider classification to determine the medals

TriathlonZwift arena only – 3 stages, back to back with competitors ranked by combined fastest time for their gender and classification. Part of the event is making the time cut but there should be plenty of time for transition.

  • Stage 1 – 20km scratch race on a flat rolling course
  • Stage 2 – 10km individual time trial
  • Stage 3 – 5km run, where riders can complete the 5km flat course in Zwift or run outside
    • Outside runs must be started within 10 minutes of the Stage 2 completing
    • Runs are declared using the My ACTIVITY option inside your Profile simply click the button + Add Activity (you will need to be logged in), complete the date, time and provide the strava activity link and then Submit… we will verify and be in contact if we have any questions.
      • You can see your submission in your Profile, if it contains a mistake use the Delete option and re-enter
    • Activity registration must be completed no later than 1 hour after Stage 3 has completed, should you have problems please contact race control via email

There are 8 events held in the IndieVELO arena only, on their Forest Velodrome – a flat outside 500m track to showcase track racing strategy.

TRACK events are scheduled to be run ‘back to back‘. Switchover times are set to allow just enough time to finish, switchover (you should be prompted on screen to join next PEN – just don’t delay as the clock is ticking) and to minimise cool down… recovery is a different matter.

Events escalate in distance, you may choose to do one, some or all – remembering that the ‘Decathlonincludes them all plus both field events and both the Heptahlon and Pentahlon count the track events in their own way too!

TRACK events will run just once, however competitors can choose to compete in more than one time slot to improve their time and standing with the fastest time to count.

The Track Events are:

  • 100m – 200m – 500m – 1,000m – 1,500m – 3,000m – 5,000m – 10,000m

The whole event takes just over an hour to complete all 8 distances.. which some have titled the ‘Vomnium’

There are 2 events held in the IndieVELO arena only to showcase the ‘time challenge’ racing option which allows organisers to select a course, run for a period of time and be informed how far the competitors have travelled down to the meter.

Field events take just 40mins.

High Jump will be set on a course that asks a competitor how high can they climb, given the course we do not expect competitors to top out.

Long Jump will be set on a course thats asks a competitor how far can you travel, course will be flat and rolling.

Both Field events feature in the ‘Combined‘ events, refer to their descriptions for exactly how.

FIELD events will run just once, however competitors can choose to compete in more than one time slot to improve their distance and standing with the furthest distance to count.

There are 3 Combined events:

  • Decathlon – all 8 TRACK and BOTH Field events will define the champion
  • Heptahlon – Longest 5 TRACK events + HIGH JUMP
    • TRACK = 1,000m – 1,500m – 3,000m – 5,000m – 10,000m
  • Pentahlon – Shortest 4 TRACK events + LONG JUMP
    • TRACK = 100m – 200m – 500m – 1,000m

Ranking Table

For each of the TRACK and FIELD events competitors will receive a POINTS value based on their position within each event given their gender and classification.

Points will be totalled to rank riders within the Combined events with the most points placing highest.

There is just one day allowed for track and field – competitors may complete multiple time slots on those days to improve their standing.

To be included in Games results and medal tables competitors will need to register with FRR using the registration link below.

As the events are open competitors are free to just take part without any registration.

Registration will require each competitor to specify the following:

  • Country they are representing
  • Arena ID numbers*
    • For ZWIFT this is your Zwift ID 
    • For IndieVELO this is your Profile ID found on your Profile page
    • For myWHOOSH this is your Profile ID found on your Profile page

FRR Registration will Open July 1st for now just explore the arenas a link will be placed on this page

*Note. FRR may need to manage competitor alignment if the arenas cannot expose Profile IDs


Events will rank riders by arena, gender and classification to determine the medal positions.

Each position from 1st to last will earn points, from 100 to 1 point – all riders will be awarded at least 1 point.

Points will be totalled to form the following ranking tables.

Country Ranking

Based on the country a competitor competes for all points will be totalled. Countries will be placed from the highest to lowest number of points won throughout the Games.

Combined Events

Points won for the relevant events will be totalled. Ranking and medal positions will be determined by the most number of points won across the events as defined by the combined event.


Verification will be performed by the FRR vada group (FRR Virtual anti doping agency) formed from experienced trusted competitors from within the eSports community and who compete and contribute to events.

FRRvada will recommend one of three options to Race Control.

  • No action required
  • Time sanction
  • Event removal/ban

All information submitted will remain confidential and race controls decision will be final.

Verification can take place at any point and the process is as follows:

  1. Race Control contacts competitors and Team Manager
  2. Competitors may be requested to provide:
    • Height and weight video to verify their BIO details
    • Setup video including smart trainer, pedals etc..
    • Strava and eSports accounts if private must be granted access to Race Control and .fit files made available for requested events
    • Competitors may be asked to give their consent to platforms via email, which Race Control has started, to allow platforms to confirm to Race Control the Smart Trainer used for the events in question
    • Competitor photo ID may be requested to further assure the person in a submitted video is the competitor with the request
  1. Competitors will be given a suitable amount of time (normally 24 hrs) to review and provide the information requested.
  2. Competitors who fail to cooperate within the time set will have time penalties applied to remove any impact on fellow Competitors (since we have no ability to prevent a person from competing) and post event excluded from entering future events.

Fun, fair, racing for everyone is all that we are about and upholding these values in each and every event we organise.

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