mAy 18th
Are you ready

24 hrs Atop Ventop

Welcome to our 
FIRST Charity Club Challenge
An iconic place in real life and the longest climb on Zwift
A place that embodies everything about us and what we look to achieve

the challenge

On May 18th at 0700 BST the clock will start and run for just 24 hours.

The Challenge is to complete as many ascents individually or as a Club within the event.

How you approach the day is totally up to you and in the FAQs we have listed a few of the possible achievements that may, just keep you motivated along your journey… but of course there are so many more depending on your ability and personal imagination.

Our goal is quite simply to raise funds for two great causes Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) and Bodie Hodges Foundation (BHF) who will share 70% of the funds raised 

The remaining 30% being shared equally between the 3 Clubs (and their chosen Charities) whose riders complete the most ascents during the event.

Wishing everyone great success and look forward to seeing you on the hill over the course of the event.

Will you be ready in...


Our Reason

Back in 2015 it was Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) who supported me in my first big Alps cycling challenge. The experience has stayed with me ever since so when FRR was looking to fund raise reconnecting with CFC was a natural decision.

Bodie Hodges Foundation (BHF) is a connection made through Team DIRT, their support for FRR and their special connection to the BHF will only enhance the fund raising effort.

We ask that riders who take part donate at least the minimum amount but of course anything more is completely down to you and the support of your friends and family with whom you share your effort with – everything will be greatly appreciated

For multiple ascenders £5 per ascent

For just one ascent £10

Your Journey

Ven-Top models the Mont Ventoux climb located in Provence, France.

The climb covers a total of 21km and 1500m of ascent - so no matter what time of day there will always be someone on the hill

Each kilometer is counted down by a white and yellow stone marker, informing you how far you are from the summit and what the average gradient is for the next kilometer

Counting down the stones and focusing on the next kilometer is a great way to break the climb down into manigible steps


Rolling roads to start

We start nice and easy with the route setting out from the event start towards the first KM stone and the starting and restart point for each ascent. The route meanders through the fields until you reach 5,2km and the "gates of hell" - signalled by a hairpin bend left


Through the Forest

Chalet Reynard awaits at the end of the forest section. In reality its a hot unrelenting climb with very few sections below 9%. Each KM stone informs you of what awaits ahead and you are now simply in a counting down game as you edge ever closer to 15km and seeing Reynard appear


Lunar Landscape

As we exit the forest the terrain drastically changes to the lunar landscape. Incline decreases just enough to make you think you are getting a rest, but you really don't - as the road leads you up past the Simpson Memorial with 1.5km to go before the finishing line is crossed

Key Numbers


Officially the climb is 21km starting the event Pen to the summit banner


Each ascent will cover 1,534 meters


We just 1 day to complete as many ascents as you can or just the one


Zwift have created Open Community events every 30minutes starting at 0700 BST up until 0630 BST the following day. You can access the events via the web or the Companion App.

Ideally YES if you want you ascents to count towards your Club Team and increase their chances of earning a share of the fund raising for their chosen Charity. 

To Register just click HERE to jump to across to the current FRR administration site and register your Zwifting account – it will take 60seconds of your time.


Events will be resulted on Zwiftpower, we will track each FRR event and summarise totals throughout the challenge on our administration website click HERE to jump across.

We will add additional ascents supported by Strava activities, please email event control with once you have completed your activity.

All ascents must start before the cut off time of 0700 BST May 19th to be counted for the Club Challenge.

All activities must be declared to FRR event control by May 20th 1700 BST to enable us to promptly verify and update the Team Challenge Leaderboard.

Simply start an event or a time that just suits you and keep going up and down as vEveresting requires a continuous activity. 

Please ensure to check out any other requirements of the challenge as required by the organisation. One complete just email event control with your Strava activity for the activity to be included

Apart from being part of a huge Global virtual day a rider could achieve one or more of the following challenges:

  • First time ascender or just one ascent
  • vEverest Base camp – 3 ascents / 2 descents
  • vEverest – 6 ascents / 5 descents
  • vEverest 10k – just one more than 6!
  • FRR vCingles – 3 ascents
  • FRR vBiCingles – 6 ascents
  • New World Record for virtual ascent in 24 hours

We have set up a central fund raising location through Justgiving

The site will enable us to track and consolidate donations whether they are from you as a rider or friends and family that are supporting your efforts.

We will close the administration May 31st to allow all donations to be received.

Once the event has completed and the totals have finalised we will be able to contact the 3 Club Managers will be contacted in due course for Charity contacts where their share of the fund raising wi

We ask that riders who take part donate at least the minimum amount but of course anything more is completely down to you and the support of your friends and family

  • For multiple ascenders £5 per ascent
  • For just one ascent £10
  • All riders will be offered the opportunity to buy an FRR T-Shirt (designs will be shared here shortly) at lowest cost possible – where each sale will generate £1 for the fund raising
Anything else is completely up to you and who you share your effort with – all will be greatly appreciated

For taking part in the challenge we are offering the following awards

  • Complete 3 ascents and be awarded the exclusive Zwift in game FRR Jersey
  • Riders who complete at least 3 ascents will be entered into a draw – where 2 riders will win £100 for use within the FRR Club Shop
  • Our Leading Man & Woman who complete the most ascending meters within the duration of the event (24hrs) with a cut off time of 0700 BST May 19th will receive £200 each for use within the FRR Club Shop. Strava will be used to verify ascending meters.

While this is a virtual event even one ascent can be very demanding depending on your own experience and fitness levels – before riding please consider the following.

  • Hydration and fuelling are equally important to ensure you keep your energy levels and focus topped up
  • Prepare your fuel and drinks before you start and fuel before you begin to feel hungry but typically every 30 mins
  • Consider you fitness and be realistic about how you will approach your participation, rest and recover in between ascents
  • Check you technical kit is charged and in good working order and you have chargers at hand
  • If you are planning multiple efforts have a local emergency contact who knows you are doing the challenge and is prepared to check and support you during the day

STOP IMMEDIATELY if you begin to feel unwell and contact your local emergency contact so you have someone near you.

Virtual cycling has the disadvantage of being a closed space where it is all too easy to encounter issues and not be seen by anyone.


Updates every 2-3 hours